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Wood and Sterling Silver Ring for Men



This elegant men’s ring features a hand carved wood over a sterling silver core.
The ring in the photos features stabilized black palm wood, which is absolutely stunning, but it can be done in a range of woods, which you can see in one of the last photos.

•Materials: stabilized Black Palm Wood (or other wood of your choice) and Sterling Silver (please read below on what stabilized wood means)
•Dimensions: please note that each ring is entirely handmade and slight variations may exist between them. In general, width 9mm (~just under 3/8”), thickness ~2.5mm.
•Size – chose your size from the options.

This ring is handmade in our Vancouver studio. The wood is hand carved to fit the band – it is not a layer of wood veneer wrapped around silver, like most cheaper versions of these rings are. This ring has high quality solid sterling silver core with solid stabilized wood overlay.

STABILIZED WOOD means that the wood has been treated to be waterproof. Further more, the ring is sealed using museum grade nonallergenic wax that conditions and protects wood for a long time, provided that it is handled with care. While the ring will withstand occasional encounters with water, it should be treated like an old fashioned wrist watch- remove it when you shower, wash hands or dishes, when you swim etc.

Perfect 5th anniversary gift! Traditionally, 5th anniversary is called wooden anniversary and it is customary to give wooden objects, so why not give a beautiful handmade ring?

We have a range of woods available, so you can chose from those or contact is if you have any other woods in mind. You can see all the options currently in stock in one of the last images. If you like the other wood ring in the last photo, check out our wood ring section is HERE

If you prefer a solid sterling ring, make sure to visit our men’s section HERE

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10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5


Cocobolo, Buckeye, Black Palm Red, Maple Burl Emerald, Ebony, Curly Maple, Black Palm, Wenge, Lacewood, Bocote, Black Palm Green, Bog Oak, Acrylic, Padouk


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