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Once, someone told me that nowadays we need to know as much as possible about as little as possible. I disagree. Every skill and every experience I have ever had informs my art in all its forms.


Owner, Designer, Photographer

A man of a few words and many skills. I’d rather create than explain my art

Mara was always in love with jewelry, particularly modernist and brutalist, chunky stuff… but, it is not easy to find the perfect piece – one with a good balance between elegant and rugged, smooth and textured, size and sophistication… so many things that were important to her trained artistic eye. At the same time, working as a costume designer and stylist, more often than not, search for this perfect jewelry piece that would bring together an outfit would stay elusive. Sooo, she took matters into her own hands, went to jewelry school et voilà! Now she can create anything she desires and she can do the same for you 😉
Michel, on the other hand, always worked with metals, casting and soldering in his sculpture work. He shunned from jewelry finding it small and “finicky” (his own words). However, with a little push and a shaw, he came around and is now actually finding jewelry making and design to be a source of infinite exploration and enjoyment.

We come from different countries and have met during our MFA studies in the United States. In our 18 years together, we have worked in New York City, Montreal, Paris and beyond, designing costumes, accessories, sets and sculptures for opera, theatre, ballet and film. Our designs have been exhibited around the globe and have won us a great artistic acclaim. We love the spectacle, but the process of getting a design from page to stage can often be a very long meandering path full of surprises, both good and bad. We often do not have a full control of the process and that reflects on the final product. This is normal and standard in any collaborative field. 
But, with jewelry, we are focusing on our own artistic voices and, since we make every single piece ourselves in our studio, we have absolute control over the process and the materials used. 
Our goal is to present and offer a product that has excellent design, that is sophisticated and unique. Every piece is made with the highest quality silver, often reclaimed and/or recycled. We strive to create heirloom quality pieces that will not go out of vogue in a season or two. And we do have all the artistic tools and knowledge to give you just that: a timeless high quality jewelry. 
While we find inspiration in our artistic cores and experiences, on a larger scale, we do feel close to certain schools of design. 
Mara has a passion, to say the least, for the mid century and brutalist movements in jewelry, the likes of S’Paliu, Karram and Dennung: big pieces, texture mixed with a certain sophisticated rawness. 
Michel instinctively gravitates towards the cleaner lines and the juxtapositions of the rougher natural shapes mixed with highly polished and geometrical lines of the Bauhaus era and Scandinavian modernist movement of the ’60 and the ’70. 
Together, we create…

Thank you for reading 🙂

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