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Solid Silver Custom Quote Bracelet


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When you want a modern heirloom, a truly personalized, unique piece of jewelry, this solid silver custom quote bracelet is the way to go.
What is unique about this bracelet is that your words/quotes/names/dates or longitude-latitude become the design element, artistically engraved on the face of the bracelet, top to bottom, making it tastefully hidden in the plain sight.
The bracelet itself is ~3/8” (8mm) wide and 2mm thick with weight of ~1oz of pure sterling silver! Each can differ slightly, due to the handmade nature.

The personalization is on the face side of the bracelet in raised letters (as opposed to receded letters that are stamped or traditionally engraved).
The possibilities to personalize this bracelet are endless! Add your name or a significant date or coordinates or a quote, words of encouragement… This is a truly OOAK bracelet, as personal as can be. The background has been oxidized to emphasize the letters.
This amazing bracelet is very contemporary and on trend but will become a true heirloom.
  • SIZE: chose your size: XS, S, M or L
  • TEXT: send us the text you want by email/message.
  • POSITION: your text will be centered, so that there is the same amount of space on both ends of the bracelet.
You can chose your size from the menu during checkout. Please be advised that the sizes are standard based on the wrist circumference + about 1/2″ for comfort:
-EXTRA SMALL wrist up to 6.25” – cuff is 5.25” long + 1” opening for a total of 6.25”
-SMALL wrist up to 7” (17.5cm) – cuff is 15cm (~6″) long + 2.5cm (~1″) opening for a TOTAL of 17.5cm (7″).
-MEDIUM wrist up to 7.75” (19.5cm) – cuff is 16.5cm (~6.5″) + 3cm (~1.25″) opening for a TOTAL of 19.5cm (7.75″)
-LARGE/XL wrist up to 8.5” (21.5cm) – cuff is 17cm (~6.5″) + 3.5cm (~1.5″) opening for a TOTAL of 21.5cm (8“)


Cuff sizes usually correspond to the T shirt size you wear What size you would chose, depends also on how you would like your cuff to fit. If in doubt, please contact us – we respond within 12h or quicker, so that we can help determine your size with you.
*** Because it is a cuff bracelet, it can be slightly adjusted to fit like a glove!

For other bracelets and jewelry for men, please visit our MEN section.

Hand made in sterling silver.

Please note that the oxidation may wear off with time, depending on your skin type and the way you treat your bracelet.
To keep it black, please treat it the same way you would treat an old-fashioned watch: take it off when water may touch it (shower, hands washing, swimming etc), do not spray parfume or any lotion on it.
With each bracelet you will receive simple instructions on effective and safe oxidizing at home using stuff you already have in the kitchen

All items shipped beautifully packaged and ready to give. If you’d like us to send it to your recipient, please let us know. We can also include a message on your behalf.

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ABOUT US: Please visit our shop story page for more info on our process and inspirations.
In a nutshell, we are two artists that have had the pleasure and the honor to practice their art all over the world, from New York City to Paris and beyond.
Our jewelry has excellent design, is sophisticated and unique. We strive to create heirloom quality pieces that will not go out of vogue in a season or two: a timeless high quality jewelry.

Thanks for looking!

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