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Gold Vermeil Huggie Hoop Earrings



These huggie hoops are perfect minimalist earrings for everyday. Mix and match to create your perfect stack.
Gold finish is done in vermeil technique, which is a thick layer of 24K gold over sterling silver base. Our vermeil is done according to the highest standards and you can expect the gold finish to last a very long time. The solid 24K gold layer is 3 microns thick, making it superior to most on the market. More about vermeil, how to care for the piece etc, at the end of the listing.
Made with hidden hinge closure, these earrings look very sleek and modern.
It is a great everyday gold earring with an edgy vibe to it.

You can chose between two sizes:

1. Small huggie – earring is about 1/2” (12mm) in diameter
2. Big huggie – earring is about 9/16” (14mm) in diameter

Purity: 24K Gold vermeil over .925 sterling silver base

Color: the color is of rich old gold.

You can combine the two sizes on the same ear for a stacked look.

Other Finishes you can find in our shop (the last photo) – click here:
1. Polished – shiny silver
2. Distressed – oxidized and then aged using our proprietary technique

Purity: .925 Sterling silver

How to buy:
Chose the number of earrings and sizes from the drop down menu. If you don’t see the combo you’re interested in, please do not hesitate to ask. We are here to help!

As mentioned, vermeil is a high quality gold finish that must adhere to the following criteria in the USA: thickness of at least 2.5 microns and gold purity of 10K or higher. Our vermeil exceeds both requirements in that it is 3 microns thick and 24K gold.
Care: Vermeil on huggies should last a very long time without much hassle. As with most precious metal jewelry, you should avoid chlorine, such as in the swimming pools, as they may interfere with the shine of gold. Ideally you would also not shower/wash hair with them on, but that is not such a big deal – I do it quite often with my pair on and it is fine.
When not in use, it is best to keep them in a poly bag to prevent oxidation.
Cleaning: do not use Jewelry cleaning cloths on these earrings. Just wipe down with damp cloth.
Vermeil is a great option for those who have allergies to other metals as the gold layer will isolate the silver underneath.
Vermeil is also a great option for those who love gold but without the gold’s price tag.

Once purchased, we will ship them within a few days in beautiful eco friendly packaging. Ready to give.

Additional information

Chose your combo:

One Small Huggie, One Big Huggie, Two Small Huggies, Two Big Huggies, One Small + One Big Huggie, Two small + One Big, Two Big + One Small


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