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A Long Way Back Home…

…or where the inspiration comes from…

We’ve been living in Europe over the past 4 years, but it was time to “sail” back to Canada… we’ve taken the scenic route, with a stop in Iceland. A short digression here just to add that Iceland was on my bucket list ever since I took a random flight from Amsterdam to Boston back in 2003. I took the flight just because it was the cheapest option I could find – I was a student at the time – but boy, was I in for a surprise! As we approached the airport, I simply couldn’t believe the scenery, the moonlike paysage, the utter uniqueness of the place. Unfortunately, I had a really short layover so I was unable to go out and explore, but I knew I wanted to go back ever since. Back in the day, Iceland was not all the craze it is now, so I was a pioneer, lol.

Fast forward 16 years… We arrived in late November, when the days are super short and the Sun seems to graze the horizon for a mere few hours a day. The vegetation is all but nonexistent and the bare, black earth is crackled and adorned with frost glittering in the Sun. Some of the crevices are so narrow and deep, with big, black egg-shaped pebbles nesting inside. One cannot help but imagine that they were dragon eggs, laid there a millennia ago.

This world, so different than anything I have seen in my life, lends itself beautifully to explorations in silver… the imagery has occupied my mind and imagination even since and so, I have been drawing and making one of a kind pieces inspired by .

Huge Bypass Ring
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