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Behind the Scenes – Casting (Men’s) Rings

A peak into our handmade jewelry creation.

In our studio...

We are two artists creating handmade jewelry from scratch. As much of what is available to purchase online is mass produced nowadays, we often receive questions about our process and the techniques we use in creating our jewelry line. To answer one of the questions we receive the most on our men’s jewelry line, ‘how are your products made’ we’re sharing this little video. It is not meant to be a tutorial, we just want to share our behind the scenes with you and answer the question – we make each and every item by hand, using traditional silversmithing techniques adapted to our modern design.

This is just one of the techniques we use, mostly for our rings. It is a casting process using delft clay. We first sculpt the ring in wax, visible in the first few seconds. For this particular design, we make a wax model for each size separately as the proportions change with the ring size. Delft clay allows us to create two part moulds of the waxes and materialize them in silver. It takes skill and patience, but the final result is well worth it!

To check out some of the men’s rings created in this manner, click on the images below.

Thanks for your time and please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions!

Mara and Michel

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