Iceland ring

Huge Bypass Ring

One of a Kind Ring

Inspired by beautiful Iceland

Silver and 24K gold ring
Huge Bypass Ring
Massive silver and gold ring

Adaptive Fit

Being one of a kind, we have made the ring adjustable so that it can fit anyone!

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Photo of Icelandic terrain


After spending some time in Europe, about 7 months ago, we packed out bags and headed back to Canada. We’ve decided to make it fun with a 3 days stopover in Iceland. Off the topic, but I would recommend this route to anyone traveling from Europe to the West Coast of Canada or the US. Back to the topic…

We’ve landed in late November, when the days are short and the Sun grazes the ground at a very low angle. Long shadows and the ice “halos” around moss covered boulders and crackled ground come alive touched by the Sun’s rays. This marriage of dark grey Pebbly terrain and the gold of the winter Sun has inspired this gorgeous OOAK ring. Above, you can see the images I’ve captured that were the inspiration for the ring.

Let me know if you see the similarities and enjoy!